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Your Introduction to Product Labels: Choosing the Right Type

October 17, 2019

Anyone who manufactures or distributes a product understands the importance of having proper labeling. After all, 85% of shoppers say their purchase decisions are informed by reading a product's package while shopping -- and custom labeling plays a huge role in the amount of information made available to customers.

But it's not enough to simply have a label; your products deserve unique labels that make them stand out on store shelves. That said, it's not always easy to determine which kinds of labels will work best for specific products. Understanding a bit more about the different types of custom labeling available to you (and how those labels are typically used) can help to narrow down the contenders and determine the right route for your product packaging.

Common Types of Custom Labeling

Although you've likely seen a number of different label categories when perusing items at your local supermarket or pharmacy, most consumers don't give these labels all that much thought. However, manufacturers need to understand the ins and outs of the most prevalent types of labels in order to choose the most effective options to promote their products -- and provide consumers with the information they need in the most enticing and efficient of ways. Some of the most common custom labeling types you'll see will include:

  • Prime Labels: Prime labels may seem basic, but they serve an essential purpose. They act as the primary, or main, label on a given item and usually feature your company's branding or the product itself prominently. Prime labels can be given treatments like special finishes, varnishes, or coatings, which can all improve the product's overall appeal. Some prime labels even have holographic films to give the product an extra something special.
  • Foldout Labels: These kinds of labels do exactly as their name says -- they fold out. They do this to reveal additional information for customers, which can range from extra content about the company or product to exciting discounts or other offers. When unfolded, the label looks similar to a tiny accordion, but it can easily be contained to save space when folded up. Essentially, these labels add valuable real estate to the overall packaging.
  • Dry Peel Labels: You've probably seen these kinds of labels on products that offer coupons; they often say something like "peel here to save on your next purchase." They may also be featured on food-related items or even more mechanical items to provide directions for use or recipes. With these labels, a special adhesive is used to hold the custom labeling in place. However, this portion of the label can easily be peeled off, revealing another label underneath that will remain on the packaging.
  • Reseal Labels: This type of custom labeling is used to actually reseal the packaging contents within its own container. Usually, the label is positioned on top of the package opening, making these labels incredibly convenient to use. If you've ever used resealable packages of luncheon or deli meats or eaten popular cookie brands, you've probably seen these kinds of labels before. Even flushable wipes or makeup remover pads may have these kinds of labels in order to keep their contents fresh!

How to Choose the Right Label Design For Your Product

Ultimately, there are numerous other kinds of labels to choose from -- and one may be more well-suited for your product than others. While reseal labels are ideal for perishable goods or those that may easily become dried out, they aren't the most appropriate choice for beverage products. On the other hand, dry peel labels can be perfect for all kinds of packaged goods or for brands that want to promote special offers, but they might not be the right choice for prescription pharmaceuticals.

This choice comes down to your priorities, industry regulations, and the recommendations made by your labeling company. That's why it's essential to work with a label provider you can trust. For more information on how we can help you to select the right kinds of labels to promote your product while ensuring industry compliance, please contact us today.

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