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Pattern Adhesive Labels

Label Solutions for Difficult Surfaces

When a product label requires adhesive to be applied in a specific pattern so designated areas are adhesive-free, or if it needs a thicker adhesive coating to keep the label in place on porous or rough surfaces, pattern adhesive labels are the solution. From medical and cosmetic devices to tires, concrete blocks, and carpet label products, this specialty item presents a set of unique challenges not every label manufacturer can solve. However, at Premium Label & Packaging Solutions, we merge several areas of expertise to answer an array of needs.

To produce pattern adhesive labels, many converters purchase pre-coated stocks and utilize adhesive deadening to pattern and adhesive. These practices limit possibilities and often compromise quality since deadened areas can become tacky, eventually causing the product to fail. One of our most successful and unique production techniques is the ability to coat adhesives in any pattern in-line, and in-register with our printing and die-cutting operations. This expertise, combined with a proficiency in handling multiple webs, makes us one of the only label converters able to create an array of custom adhesive and substrate combinations not offered by others.

Our Pattern Adhesive Label products include:

Irregular, textured, or low-energy surfaces require a heavy adhesive coat weight to fill any voids. Our labels eliminate blocking or sticking issues that make it impossible to feed through applicating equipment or thermal printers. We pattern coat on paper or film face stocks with an aggressive high tack rubber-based adhesive, leaving a dry edge around the perimeter of the label. This eliminates any adhesive “ooze” issues and allows labels to be processed through printers and label applicators with ease.

We offer several products for inner and outer package security labeling or box closures. Our pattern adhesive coating capabilities allow us to create customized messages on the reveal portion of any labels. We can also incorporate various functional characteristics that can add to the security of your product.

  • Carpet labels
  • Dry Edge Laser labels
  • Tire labels
  • Concrete block labels

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