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Prime Booklet Combo Labels

The Best of Both Worlds

Some round surface packaging calls for a prime label and a booklet label. This package requirement may be for a container as small as a pill bottle or as large as a 1 or 2 gallon round jug. The problem is magnified when a packaging line is only equipped with a single auto labeler. To solve these concerns, we’ve developed a Prime/Booklet Combination Label product.

With our Prime/Booklet Combo Label, we can print up to 10 colors on a high quality prime label and attach it to a booklet label of up to 60 pages. The prime or single-ply area of the label can be as much as 75% of the total label coverage, or the prime and booklet areas can split the total area coverage. It includes a “peel here” area so the booklet portion of the label can be easily opened and resealed. The prime label portion can be printed on various substrates such as gloss paper, clear or white film, or even foil.

This label easily wraps on the curved surface of a bottle without any of the pages bunching up, and there is no need to modify existing label equipment as it can run on most standard auto labelers.

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