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Which Extended Content Label Is Right For Your Product?

February 19, 2024

Looking for a way to pack more information into your product's packaging than what a conventional label offers? Consider the utility of Extended Content Labels (ECLs), which provide additional space necessary for including comprehensive product details beyond what is typically featured on the primary label.

ECLs merge a Pressure Sensitive Label with a folded or bound insert, creating a component that users can access repeatedly, thanks to its resealable nature. 

This labeling solution is ideal for products requiring extensive information such as safety guidelines, health facts, usage instructions, ingredients, promotional coupons, game elements, and more. 

Extended Content Labels not only serve as an effective way to convey information but also help reduce the need for additional paper inserts or sometimes even packaging, thus saving costs and environmental resources.

ECLs are versatile, catering to a broad spectrum of industries, including healthcare, household, beauty, food, nutraceuticals, and industrial sectors. Let's delve into the various types of Extended Content Labels available:

Maximize Your Message Space: Booklet Labels

Booklet labels are a type of pressure-sensitive label that integrates a booklet or leaflet. These can extend to several pages, with some capable of incorporating up to 60 pages in diverse colors. Booklet labels come in various forms, such as Flat Surface, Curved, and Foldout, and are commonly applied in areas like:

  • Chemicals for conveying hazard details
  • Food products featuring recipes
  • Pharmaceuticals needing regulated information
  • Multi-language product information
  • Retail products with extensive brand narratives

Enhance Information Delivery: Foldout Labels

Known alternatively as Accordion or Plow-Fold labels, these allow for extensive information or graphics to be printed on a sizable sheet, folded, and adhered to a label stock in a single, streamlined process. Foldout labels are perfect for:

  • Promotions: including rebates and coupons
  • Pharmaceuticals and Clinical Trials: offering comprehensive usage and regulatory information
  • Chemicals and Nutraceuticals: providing directions, ingredients, and compliance data
  • Beauty Products: showcasing ingredient lists and branding information

Ensure Easy Access: Peel & Reseal Labels

Peel and reseal labels are designed for effortless access with the ability to be opened and resealed multiple times. These labels, which can feature up to 5 panels of full-color information, fit within the dimensions of a standard primary label and are ideal for:

  • Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals: for multilingual and regulatory details
  • Chemical Products: highlighting instructions and compliance information
  • Food and Beverage: including recipes and QR codes
  • Beauty and Cosmetic items: offering ingredient lists and application instructions

Drive Engagement and Sales: Dry Release Labels

Dry Release labels, or Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRCs), are designed to peel away from the product without leaving residue, revealing promotions or discounts. They are a favorite for brands looking to boost sales and foster customer loyalty, applicable in:

  • Consumer Goods: for various promotional activities
  • Direct Mail: such as membership cards
  • Manufacturing: for quality assurance labels

Consult With The Experts

Navigating the complexities of Extended Content Labels to find the perfect fit for your packaging needs can be challenging. Collaborating with experts in label design and production is key to achieving a successful outcome.

Premium Label & Packaging Solutions is at the forefront of ECL technology, offering guidance and expertise to select and craft the ideal label for your product's requirements. Reach out to us for further information or to request samples of our innovative solutions.

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