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Clinical Trial Labels

All of our projects are important, but playing a small role in the development of life-changing drugs by providing clinical trial labels takes on an even greater significance to us.
All of our projects are important, but playing a small role in the development of life-changing drugs by providing clinical trial labels takes on an even greater significance to us. We understand the exceptional demands placed on a clinical trial team and have a system in place to ensure their needs are met.

Our extensive experience with clinical trial labels combined with our technological expertise enables us to provide a variety of label solutions that meet essential criteria and maximum effectiveness. From booklet, foldout, and wrap labels to variable printing and custom solutions, we provide the quality, consistency, and compliance required to support this important work. Equally as important, most of our plants have overlapping Pharmaceutical capabilities, which ensures faster turnarounds and on-time delivery every time.

Uses & Applications

Booklet label on bottle

As their name suggests, these pressure sensitive labels look just like miniature paper books or fold-out leaflets and are well-suited for studies that require extended content information to be included with the pharmaceutical product. We can print multiple colors and up to 60 pages on each of these multi-layer labels in order to maximize content efficiently and in an aesthetically pleasing way. We can also add the following:

  • Thermal imprintable overlams compatible with various ribbons
  • Split base labels that allow the reseal to wrap around a 90-degree corner
  • Imprintable peel-off labels for track-and-trace
  • Specialized constructions for bottles, vials, syringes, and cartons that mitigate lifting or wrinkling
Foldout label on box

Unlike booklet labels, clinical trial fold out labels allow for content to be printed on a large piece of paper before being folded and laminated to pressure-sensitive label stock. This single process happens all in-line and can be constructed to allow for removability or resealability. For clinical trial applications, fold out labels can be printed to include ingredients, directions, and regulatory information in multiple languages, and can be manufactured for automatic or manual applications.

wrap label on a bottle

Wrap labels are typically used on small-diameter cylindrical packaging to extend the print area beyond the circumference of the container while maintaining a simple appearance. As the name suggests, the wrap label securely wraps onto itself but can be easily unwrapped without the adhesive compromising the printed content. Wrap labels can be printed with fixed information or completely by the end-user via thermal transfer printing. Options include 100% opaque, partially clear, or fully transparent label stocks, and are available for manual or automatic applications.

Our Clinical Trial labels can be customized by adding:

  • Black-out/100% opaque label stocks
  • Color matching less than or equal to 2 Delta-E
  • Specialized adhesives for cryogenic and high-temperature applications
  • Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal, Laser, and Inkjet imprintable label materials
  • Back-numbering for traceability and/or inventory control
  • Lot number verification systems
  • Double booklet detection system
  • Bottle, vial, and syringe-compatible wraps and multi-panel labels
  • Integrated tamper evident features via perforations, slits and/or frangible materials
  • Customizable pattern adhesive coating
  • Dust collection systems to mitigate paper dust
  • Plastic cores to comply with dust-free environments

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Clinical Trial Labels

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