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Ensuring Safety With Your Clinical Trial Labels

October 24, 2023

Conducting clinical trials to launch a new drug is standard procedure for pharmaceutical companies seeking FDA approval. According to data from Xtalks, over 452,000 active clinical trials are listed on in 2023. Managing the clinical trial to ensure the medication is distributed, administered, and tracked with pinpoint accuracy is paramount. Therefore, it is imperative that clinical trial labels are precise. The label company you partner with plays an instrumental role in ensuring that.

Finding a Company to Handle Compressed Timelines

One of the biggest risks associated with clinical trial labels is the frequency with which timelines are changed. This can make last-minute or rushed production jobs the norm. It is imperative for the labs running the trials to find the right clinical trial labeling company to meet their unique needs. You will want to work with someone who understands the assignment's complexity and the absolute necessity of having accurate information while balancing quick turnarounds.

Provide Multilingual Instructions

Due to the range of participants in any clinical trial, providing all instructions and warnings in a variety of languages is essential. The right label manufacturer can accommodate these requests and have a template in place for your labels. Do not overlook the importance of finding the right label manufacturer who knows how to create the labels you need. This is an essential element to maintaining a safe trial for participants, no matter what their native language might be.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Even without the guidelines that must be followed by FDA-approved drugs, those that are seeking approval do have a set of regulations and compliance benchmarks. If you are operating a trial as you work towards approval, you need to understand your compliance requirements. These often include disclosure agreements and standards. Your labels need this information in a straightforward and easy-to-read format to provide participants with what they need to know to remain safe. Working with a label manufacturer with experience creating clinical trial labels will help reduce any participant risk.

We are the label manufacturer that can help you ensure safety with your clinical trial labels. Contact our team at Premium Label & Packaging Solutions today to learn more about how our products and services can help you maintain a high level of safety during your clinical trials.

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