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Understanding the Impact of Recent Health Trends on Custom Nutraceutical Labels

November 28, 2023

The shift towards a more health-conscious society has steadily risen for the last decade. These health trends also shift the approach to custom nutraceutical labels. With advancements in technology and medicine, people are living longer than ever. It is no surprise that the nutraceutical industry has benefitted as people continue to prioritize their health and wellness with products improving the way they feel and look. Weight loss and brain health are top of mind among many consumers, and the nutraceutical industry has grown to address these shifts.

Healthy Golden Years

With this new era of the "healthy golden years," Nutraceuticals are an attractive option for aging populations, and companies are noticing. More people are working to ensure long-term health by enjoying a healthy diet and using nutraceuticals to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, arthritis, tooth decay, and much more. Nutraceutical labels often highlight ingredients supporting healthy aging, such as antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics.  Companies offering nutraceuticals should consider emphasizing their products' health benefits to seniors as they age.

Weight Loss

The weight loss industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years by promoting more natural and sustainable weight loss solutions. Gallup found that over half of American adults desired to lose weight between 2017 and 2022. Nutraceuticals have become an essential player in this space, offering a range of ingredients that promote healthy weight loss without harsh chemicals or stimulants. As a result, we now see more custom nutraceutical labels promoting ingredients like green tea extract, garcinia cambogia, and CLA. To make products more appealing to consumers, use custom nutraceutical labels to emphasize ingredients that assist with weight loss.

Brain Health

As people become more aware of the importance of cognitive health, brain health has emerged as a major health trend. A survey from the International Food Information Council found that 74% of Americans are confident that foods and drinks have some effect on their mental or emotional health. Consumers seek products that support brain function, memory, and focus. Nutraceutical companies are responding by incorporating ingredients like omega-3s, ginkgo biloba, and phosphatidylserine into their products. Nutraceutical labels now often highlight the cognitive benefits of their products, appealing to consumers looking for an edge in their daily lives.

Regulatory Changes

Along with these recent health trends, there have also been regulatory changes impacting nutraceutical labels. The FDA has implemented tighter regulations on labeling dietary supplements, requiring manufacturers to provide more detailed information about ingredients and health claims. This has led to more standardized labels that are easier for consumers to understand. Additionally, there has been a push for transparency in the industry, with some companies going beyond what is required by law to provide third-party testing results and ingredient-sourcing information on their labels.

With increasing regulatory oversight and a demand for transparency, nutraceutical labels have also evolved to provide more detailed information about their products. As the health and wellness industry evolves, it will be interesting to see how nutraceuticals adapt to these changing trends and regulations.

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