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Has Inflation Deflated Packaging Design? Embracing Affordable Luxury Through Innovative Specialty Label Techniques

April 9, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of packaging design, where visual appeal and brand differentiation are paramount, the recent spike in prices poses significant challenges.

The rising costs associated with premium packaging materials and sophisticated embellishments compel companies, particularly within the beauty and personal care industry, to rethink their design strategies. 

The goal remains unchanged: to captivate consumers' attention on crowded shelves and in the competitive online marketplace. 

Yet, the approach to achieving this amidst budget constraints is evolving.

Forward-thinking brands and their label suppliers are challenging the narrative that luxury must come with a hefty price tag. These partnerships are pioneering cost-effective solutions without compromising on the product's aesthetic appeal or perceived value. 

According to Leslie Gurland, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Premium Label & Packaging Solutions (PLPS), the secret lies in harnessing innovative label techniques.

Gurland elaborates on how specialty inks, varnishes, laminations, and unique substrates are leveraged to produce label effects that mimic high-end packaging aesthetics. 

Skilled converters are at the forefront of this innovation, using shrink sleeves to emulate the appearance of expensive tinted or metallic containers, UV silkscreen to duplicate high-cost embellishments, and developing custom textures that replicate luxurious materials like leather or snakeskin.

Adding dimensionality to labels is a game-changer, offering a spectrum of design possibilities to make products stand out in the saturated personal care and beauty sectors. "The range of options can vary from bold to nuanced, allowing us to collaborate closely with a client’s creative team to bring their unique vision to fruition," Gurland states.

Providing Specialty Label Luxury For Less

At PLPS, popular label options that provide a luxe look for less include:

  • Soft Touch Coating: This gives labels a velvety texture, significantly elevating the product's premium feel.
  • Spot UV Coating: By highlighting specific label areas with a thicker, glossier coating, designers can create a captivating 3D effect.
  • Glitter Infusion: Adding glitter to spot UV coatings introduces a sparkling, eye-catching element.
  • Pearlescent Finishes: For a more subtle allure, pearlescent finishes offer a shimmering, reflective quality that enriches the tactile experience.
  • Cold Foil: This technique achieves striking metallic effects, supporting intricate designs, including fine lines and halftones.
  • Cast & Cure: A sophisticated decorative process that combines various techniques for a multifaceted finish, incorporating glossy, matte, and holographic effects.

These innovative solutions not only maintain but elevate the brand experience, proving that financial constraints can be a catalyst for creativity and ingenuity in packaging design. 

They offer a pathway to achieving a luxurious presentation that resonates with consumers without the need to pass on cost increases.

For brands looking to explore these revolutionary labeling techniques and discover how they can transform their product packaging into a compelling story of luxury and innovation, PLPS invites you to witness the possibilities firsthand. 

Whether you’re interested in a sample of their award-winning specialty finishes, need a quote, or wish to discuss a project, the team at PLPS is ready to bring your vision to life.

In the current economic climate, where every penny counts, embracing these creative, cost-effective packaging solutions can help brands stay competitive and appealing to consumers. 

The journey towards affordable luxury in packaging is not only about adapting to financial pressures but also about reimagining the boundaries of design and innovation to captivate and enchant consumers in new, meaningful ways.

Ready To Upgrade Your Labels?

To learn more about how your brand can benefit from these advanced labeling techniques, contact Premium Label & Packaging Solutions today. Rediscover the potential of your product's packaging and ensure that inflation does not deflate the design or desirability of your offerings.

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