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Deciphering Common Household Product Labels - A Visual Guide

April 5, 2018

How many products do you buy for your home that have labels on them? Now, think about how many of those labels you actually read. Other than the food that goes in your cupboards, how many labels do you really look at?

You may think there’s no need, but the information on common household product labels may actually change the way you live your life.

Maybe you are storing certain products in an improper environment, possibly compromising their integrity or the safety of your family. For instance, your cleaning products may be very flammable and you store them near your furnace room.

Or you may be utilizing your appliances dozens of times a week without realizing you have been using the settings incorrectly.

Another thing you may be missing with the labels that frequent your home is their meaning. Do you know what certain symbols mean on all of your labels? Many products utilize common symbols in order to catch consumers’ attention and get a message across on a brief, universal way. You might ignore some of these symbols because you don’t know what they mean or don’t think they are important, but they typically provide very important information.

These labels are all over your home. There is almost no room or space in your house that is free of product labels. Your garage, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room are all examples of spaces in your home where labels on the products that live inside them are critical. Here is a brief breakdown of the labels in those rooms that you should understand. Now that you are aware of their importance, travel around your home with fresh eyes and see what you can learn.

[Infographic] Common Household Product Labels Guide

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