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Collaborating with a Label Designer: 10 Essential Tips for a Successful Outcome

May 14, 2024

Designing a label can be a transformative step for your product, capturing the brand's essence and attracting customers. If you're planning to create a label for your product—be it a bottle, jar, pouch, tube, or can—working with a professional graphic designer is pivotal. Here are ten comprehensive tips to guide you through this creative journey, ensuring a seamless collaboration and an outstanding design outcome.

1. Select the Right Designer

The first step is crucial: choosing a designer whose portfolio resonates with your aesthetic and brand vision. Look for designers with a strong background in packaging design, as they will bring specialized knowledge and insights that are critical to your project. Engage with designers who have experience creating labels and understand the nuances of packaging aesthetics.

2. Craft a Detailed Creative Brief

A well-defined creative brief is your roadmap. It should clearly outline your project's objectives, desired style, and any specific artwork or effects you admire on other labels. This document ensures that you and your designer are aligned from the outset, setting the stage for a productive collaboration.

3. Define Your Brand's Visual Elements

Communicate your preferred colors, fonts, and visual elements early in the process. If you're undecided, a skilled designer can suggest options that align with your brand's personality and market positioning. Examples of labels you like can also help the designer capture your aesthetic preferences.

4. Specify Mandatory Content

Be clear about what text, logos, and images need to be included on the label. Providing finalized content upfront can significantly streamline the design process and minimize the need for multiple revisions.

5. Choose Your Container

This is one of the most important decisions you will make, as it will ultimately define a large part of the design.  For example, with flexible packaging or shrink sleeves there is a much larger area to be designed versus typical pressure sensitive labels.

6. Decide on Label Type and Shape

Consider the type of label that best suits your packaging. Whether it’s a traditional pressure sensitive label, a shrink sleeve, or flexible packaging. Each choice impacts the design approach.  Also, what are the dimensions and shape of your container? Accurate measurements are essential to ensure the label fits perfectly and enhances the container’s shape. 

7. Embrace Transparency

With the trend towards clean labels gaining traction, consider how much of your product you want visible. Transparent labels can create a sleek, modern look that showcases the quality of the product itself.

8. Trust the Design Process

Once the designer understands your vision, give them the space to create. They will likely present several design concepts for you to review. Remember, you’ve hired a professional for their expertise, so remain open to new ideas and innovations they might suggest.

9. Provide Constructive Feedback

When reviewing designs, be specific with your feedback. Avoid vague comments and, instead, provide clear, actionable input. For example, if a font doesn’t suit your brand, suggest an alternative style, or if the color scheme isn’t working, explain why and what you envision instead.

10. Collaborate on the Finishing Touches

Now that you are close to production, it’s time to hire a printer to achieve your vision. Finding an experienced printer who will recommend the appropriate stocks, films, adhesives, and coatings is essential. Inexperienced printers may not have the technical expertise to choose the right combinations to avoid labels that peel off or ink that runs or smears.  Work closely with your designer and printer to select the best printing techniques, materials, and finishes to bring your label to life. Whether it’s metallic inks, embossing, or spot varnishes, these details will elevate the final product and allow it to stand out on shelves.

Ready To Upgrade Your Packaging?

Creating a compelling label design is critical to your product’s marketing strategy. By following these tips, you can ensure a fruitful collaboration with your label designer and printer to achieve a design that truly represents your brand. Remember, a well-designed label conveys your brand’s message and plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining customers.

For those ready to take their labels to the next level, contact us today to request a quote or to receive samples of our award-winning work.

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