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Case Study: Quick-Turn Clinical Trial Labels

June 24, 2024


Every day, our employees come to work knowing they impact the health and wellness of people worldwide and that the products our clients produce could one day save the life of someone they love.

So, when the Label Control Manager at a global biotechnology company informed us of a dire situation, our team sprang into action.

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Our global biotechnology client approached us to develop a new wrap label for one of their critical clinical trial cancer drugs. This label was crucial for the trial's progress, so we needed to swiftly source raw materials and develop a production process compatible with personalization by the clinical packager. Although this was a new label that required non-standard materials, we managed to turn around this project in 3 weeks.

Unfortunately, the client's transportation company had an issue, and the labels were not delivered and could not be located. This packaging delay would have impacted cancer patients around the world who depend on this crucial medication. Compounding the situation was that the medication was part of a clinical trial, so missing the scheduled dose could effect the study and create a huge delay in the FDA drug validation.


Emergency turnaround in one day. Fortunately, we had extra raw materials in stock, so we pulled together a group of key production people to work over the weekend to redo the job. Then, we hand-delivered the labels directly to our client on Monday at 9:30 am.


Most importantly, the drug's production wasn't held up because of missing packaging components, so there was no delay in the patients receiving their medication or invalidating the trial.

A very happy client stated in a thank you note, "Simply Amazing! … I can't thank you guys enough and your priceless value to our operations."

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